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The realization that each person you encounter in life is leading a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Technology is supposed to bring us closer together and facilitate better connections... but sometimes technology makes it so easy to meet someone new that it completely devalues each interaction. Easy come, easy go! One more swipe and you'll have the next flavour of the week.

At Sonder we believe that it takes more than swipes on an endless stack of random profile pictures to predict which connections might have great potential.

Unlike apps that promise improved matches through the use of fancy algorithms and complicated math, we believe in the simplicity of organic connections made under the guidance of a friend's intuition. Ultimately, nothing can beat the human touch.

Sonder is an app that allows friends to match friends with compatible people from within their social circles.

Your friends know you best!

That's why we put the trust in them to match you with compatible people from your social circles.

Have better conversations with better people.

Think of it as being introduced to some awesome at your friend's cozy house party.

Ladies we've been listening...

With female-only features that enhance your experience, Sonder is designed with YOU in mind.

Married, in a relationship, or just don't want to be matched?

Sonder allows you to match for your friends while remaining 100% invisible.

Sonder lets you choose the path that's right for you!

No one knows you better than your friends.

Explorers have a dual experience! Make sure to match for your friends! Active users receive more matches than passive users.

See and influence who you are being matched with on your own personal dashboard screen.

Quality over quantity! With Sonder's chat limit, you can be sure that you have your match's full attention.

Female explorers get the upper-hand! Enjoy greater influence over who you are matched with through Sonder's unique female-only features.

No one knows your friends better than you.

Help friends make great new connections while remaining 100% anonymous.

Be a great matchmaker to enjoy additional rewards.

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